Placer Gold

  • 12-Channel quick start receiver 
  • Compatible with most CAD, in-vehicle mapping, and workforce management Applications
  • Two configurable output ports
  • User-selectable interface protocols including TAIP, NMEA, and PPP
  • Direct connection to mobile computers and select RF data radio
  • User configurable reporting based on time, time & distance, or polling
  • Easy to read power on and satellite lock indicator lights
  • Rugged and compact
  • DRU Plus model includes dead reckoning sensor for when intermittent loss of satellite signals is experienced

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Support Notes

This document explains the RDI and EDACS networks

Note: These instructions are already included with the Placer Firmware releases, but may be downloaded separately here.

Note: These instructions are already included with the DR Calibration utility, but may be downloaded separately here.


This compressed file contains all the files and documentation needed to calibrate the Placer GPS 455DR's gyroscope and odometer. This utility version is compatible only with firmware version 2.30 and later.

Optional DOS-based utility for setting up and diagnosing your mobile unit.

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