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In the environmental and waste industry, business profitability is driven by minimizing operating expenses and maximizing resource efficiency. Safety and industry compliance are also critical elements that present challenges to this segment. With Trimble® technology, your business can remain successful because we can help you ensure that waste collection and disposal processes are highly productive.

Trimble's environmental solutions cover all the needs that take place in every step of the waste management process. Our portfolio provides complete positioning solutions and services, starting at the waste collection, transportation through recycling and disposal at modern sanitary landfills or waste-to-energy facilities.

Collection and Transportation

Trimble's Mobile Resource Management (MRM) and Trimble Utilities Field Solutions (TUFS) can help you manage your mobile workforce's performance while reducing operational costs and increasing customer satisfaction.


For Material Recovery Facilities (MRF), Recycling Centers, and Composting sites, Trimble offers solutions to optimize the process of daily operations.

Post Collection - Landfills

Post collection - landfills

In order to accomplish an extended landfill lifecycle, operators and owners are faced with maximizing their airspace. In properly managing this issue, having the latest equipment and technology ensures that projects are planned and tasks are executed properly.

Post Collection - Incineration Plants

Post collection - incineration plants

Trimble Solutions ensure accurate positioning information from plant design, commissioning, to plant operation and management plus decommissioning at the end of the lifecycle. All data is captured discretely and quickly, resulting in reduced rework and increased productivity.

Trimble Connected Community

Helpful Resources

Trimble Connected Community

The Trimble® Connected Community is a service that enables environmental & waste businesses to manage and share information via their own unique web site. Ideal for organization and project management, the Trimble Connected Community introduces communication and collaboration capabilities to significantly increase efficiency and productivity.

Environmental Equipment

Environmental Equipment

Trimble provides robust, versatile Windows data collectors. Furthermore, our industry-specific software applications enhance efficiency on the job, whether you work in the waste, water, wastewater, or remediation sector.

Environmental Services

Environmental Services

Providing land and water management services that help preserve natural resources or ecosystems. Whether your environmental services include site assessment, remediation, survey, mapping, land or marine, Trimble solutions can help get the job done faster, more accurate and cost effectively. Our proven solutions are built to withstand the harsh rugged environments in which you need to work.