Transforming Line Design

Enabling optimized, lowest cost, compliant power line systems with one integrated solution

Transforming Route Planning

Reducing time to approval for new lines - automating the siting and route planning process

Natural Resources, Utilities, and Government
Connecting Planning and Design

Delivering an integrated solution for Route Planning and Line Design

Energy Solutions

Plan - Design - Build - Maintain

Trimble's Energy Solutions business is a leading innovator of productivity solutions for overhead power lines. We provide solutions that increase and strengthen collaboration, mobility and decision-making across each phase of the asset life cycle, enabling all stakeholders to work smarter and make informed decisions. Our solutions deliver significant improvements in productivity.

Software Products
Top 3 percent Infrastructure and Route Planning

Trimble Corridor Analyst is a GIS-based software used to automate the infrastructure siting process.

3dline1sm Transmission and Distribution Line Design and Optimization

Trimble TL-Pro allows users to model multiple power line scenarios and manage design standards.

SmomFrame1Sm Structural Analysis and Reporting

Trimble PoleSTAR allows users to model and analyze complicated pole structures using a 3D graphical interface.

Lidar2sm Operations and Maintenance of Existing Lines

Trimble TL-Pro Rerating, Auto Fitting, and Encroachment Report extensions for effective management and increased utilization of existing lines.