Transforming Line Design

Enabling optimized, lowest cost, compliant power line systems with one integrated solution

Transforming Route Planning

Reducing time to approval for new lines - automating the siting and route planning process

Natural Resources, Utilities, and Government
Connecting Planning and Design

Delivering an integrated solution for Route Planning and Line Design

Energy Transmission Solutions Software

Transmission line design is a complex process. Trimble Energy Transmission Solutions offers a suite of software applications to efficiently design and manage these complex transmission projects because the challenge isn't just having the skills and tools to design the project, but to effectively optimize an initial design and to manage change thereafter.

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TL-Pro Design Studio

Transmission line design and optimization Software
Trimble TL-Pro™ allows for development of multiple design scenarios, resulting in effective design management and material updates, controlling labor costs..

Corridor Analyst

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Route Selection Software
Trimble Corridor Analyst facilitates selection of transmission and pipeline routes by weighing multiple factors such as the natural environment; the built environment; wetlands; land cover; and land owner impact, and cost, just to name a few. This methodology promotes early stakeholder involvement and buy-in, shortening the planning and permitting cycle.


Structural Analysis and Reporting
Trimble PoleSTAR allows users to model and analyze complicated pole structures using 3D graphical interfaces, optimizing project efficiency while enhancing productivity.