Transforming Line Design

Enabling optimized, lowest cost, compliant power line systems with one integrated solution

Transforming Route Planning

Reducing time to approval for new lines - automating the siting and route planning process

Natural Resources, Utilities, and Government
Connecting Planning and Design

Delivering an integrated solution for Route Planning and Line Design

Energy Transmission Solutions


Trimble's Energy Transmission Solutions business is a leading innovator of productivity solutions for overhead power lines. We provide solutions that increase and strengthen collaboration, mobility and decision-making across each phase of the asset life cycle, enabling all stakeholders to work smarter and make informed decisions. Our solutions deliver significant improvements in productivity.

Software Products
Top 3 percent Infrastructure and Route Planning

Trimble Corridor Analyst is a GIS-based software used to automate the infrastructure siting process.

3dline1sm Transmission and Distribution Line Design and Optimization

Trimble TL-Pro allows users to model multiple power line scenarios and manage design standards.

SmomFrame1Sm Structural Analysis and Reporting

Trimble PoleSTAR allows users to model and analyze complicated pole structures using a 3D graphical interface.

Lidar2sm Operations and Maintenance of Existing Lines

Trimble TL-Pro Rerating, Auto Fitting, and Encroachment Report extensions for effective management and increased utilization of existing lines.