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  • Mobile computers for simple in-field activities
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Connected Farm
Utilize Trimble Connected Farm™ solutions to seamlessly connect your field supervisor to everyone on the team. With wireless field to office data exchange and its built-in wireless communication capabilities, information can flow to and from the field and office in real time. The machine operators can communicate quickly with the supervisor for approvals and share work completion immediately. Operators or field scouts can capture problem areas whether created by pests, nutrients or water, and issues can be photographed, geotagged and overlaid on a site map—making it easier to solve problems and communicate remediation work to job crews. Progress reports can be sent to the office at the end of the day or as operations are completed.

Mobile computers for simple in-field activities
Trimble mobile computers provide GPS-based solutions for your in-field needs. You can quickly and easily collect field records and map your boundaries—all from the palm of your hand. Trimble mobile computers including Juno 3, Juno T41 and Yuma 2, work with Farm Works™ Mobile software to streamline data management in the field by bundling field record keeping, mapping, scouting, soil sampling, and variable rate application into one solution.