Canopy Management Solutions

  • Crop Condition Mapping – proximal sensing
  • Crop Condition Mapping – remote sensing
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Crop Condition Mapping – proximal sensing

Measuring the vigor of the vine canopy helps you analyze for variation, capture improvements, identify a section for scouting, and sample collection to determine if additional actions need to be taken.

The GreenSeeker system is a proximal sensor that lets you measure the vine canopy from the side and will overlay each reading onto a map of your field so you can know your fields by row. Operates in day or night, regardless of fog or clouds.

Crop Condition Mapping – remote sensing
The PurePixel vegetation mapping solution can isolate the raw imagery crop pixels to produce Targeted Vegetation Index maps that are unlike anything else in the industry. If working with permanent crops such as vineyards or orchards, the Targeted Vegetation Index provides a unique calibrated vegetation index value for every vine or tree. The quality of the canopy is not distorted by pixels mixing the canopy reflectance with the reflectance from interferences such as the soil or ground cover