RainWave Precipitation Monitoring Solution

  • Virtual rain gauge located anywhere you choose
  • Accumulated rainfall report over a 24-hour period delivered by email
  • Actual rainfall activity report in 10-minute increments
  • Real-time report monitoring from the Connected Farm™ dashboard
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The RainWave® precipitation monitoring solution provides you with vital rainfall data, allowing you to make better management decisions for irrigation planning, vehicle deployment, and timing of material application for nutrient and pest management.


  • Make informed decisions on where to work on the farm
  • Determine when and where to irrigate
  • Determine how much water ran off the farm and how much was absorbed into the soil based on intensity reporting
  • For dryland farms, compare rainfall vs. yield year-to-year
  • For irrigated farms combine rainfall with as-applied irrigation from the Trimble Irrigate-IQ™ solution and compare with yield year-to-year
  • Eliminate maintenance on rain gauges
  • Reduce trips to the field
  • Eliminate rain gauge reading errors

  • Set up a virtual rain gauge by entering GPS coordinates, or pick a position from a map for the identified location to receive rainfall reports for that area
  • View and monitor your reports from the Connected Farm™ dashboard or from email

  • View actual rainfall activity in 10-minute increments plus accumulated rainfall over a 24 hour period—so you can have a better understanding of rainfall intensity
  • Determine if water may have run off the field and is unavailable to the crop, or if it was absorbed into the soil and can be available to the crop

  • Make better informed decisions for irrigation and other farming operations from this accurate rainfall data
  • Optimize irrigation plans and application timing
  • Know when to stop irrigators based on real-time rainfall monitoring
  • Compare yield against rainfall to plan for next season’s crop and irrigation scheduling
  • Optimize your vehicle deployment to workable fields

Connected Farm™
View rainfall information directly from your dashboard to help make better decisions about irrigation and other farming operations.

Irrigate-IQ™ Precision Irrigation Solution
Precisely apply water, fertigation, or effluent in the right place through your pivot or linear irrigation system to help increase crop production and maximize water utilization.