Office Sync

Key Features
  • Avoid using USB drives for data transfer
  • Provide quick access to data for instant analysis
  • Save time chasing operators in the field for updated data files
  • Protect original data files by storing backups on a secure Trimble server
  • Access your data instantly via the Connected Farm dashboard for review on any device (including smartphones and tablets) with Internet access
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Office Sync, part of Trimble’s Connected Farm™ solution, allows you to send and receive data files wirelessly between the office and field.  Guidance lines, yield data, prescriptions, as-applied maps, and other data files can be sent and received wirelessly while backed up on a secure Trimble® server.  Original copies of your raw data files can be accessed at any time and given to trusted advisors, agronomists, or other industry partners.

Data Files that Transfer

Office Sync can transfer a wide range of data files to and from the field using the Farm Works™ Mapping desktop software.  Data exchange includes:

  • Client/farm/field/supply names
  • Guidance lines
  • Yield data
  • Prescription maps
  • As-applied coverage maps
  • Planned drainage designs
  • Completed drainage designs
  • Field boundaries
  • Soil sampling maps
  • Feature lines, points, and areas

Connected Farm Dashboard

Office Sync enables you to view your as-applied maps from any mobile device with Internet access, including Trimble’s new TMX-2050™ display. Using the Connected Farm dashboard, view yield and application maps instantly as soon as jobs are completed in the field. Not only is this helpful for creating prescription maps using Farm Works Software®, it also can help diagnose problems with sensors or other issues before starting the next field.

Mobile Devices

Send and receive data files to a wide range of in-cab displays and mobile devices.  Data files from certain displays and devices can be reprocessed.  Reprocessing allows you to import original data files that were previously read into the Farm Works™ desktop software.


Compatible Displays and Devices:

Send Data To Receive Data From Reprocess Data
Trimble TMX-2050™ display X X X
Trimble FmX® integrated display X X X
Trimble CFX-750™ display X X
Farm Works Mobile software X X
 *Connected Farm scout app    X
 *AGCO VarioDoc™ and TaskDoc™  X  

*These devices do not require a purchase of the Office Sync service for wireless data exchange. VarioDoc and TaskDoc customers must contact their AGCO dealer to activate their wireless data exchange service.

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