Fleet Manager

  • Decrease fuel costs by reducing unauthorized vehicle use, curbing excessive speeding and lowering idling
  • Identify activity that causes excessive carbon emissions such as speeding, excessive idling, and route deviation
  • Reduce repair costs through proactive engine monitoring and maintenance
  • Increase operator performance by monitoring productivity and delay reasons
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Fleet Manager, part of Trimble’s Connected Farm™ solution, lets you track fleet locations and manage valuable information from the office or any location with internet access.  Managers are able to transform their fleet performance by viewing time spent idling, moving, and traveling as well as delay reasons.  Not only does this reduce the amount of fuel used, it also increases the amount of time vehicles are in productive use.  By using Fleet Manager, you can maximize vehicle utilization and lower operational costs throughout your organization ensuring optimized fleet performance and ultimately, a better bottom line.

Key Features

  • Track fleet locations
  • View historical positions
  • Receive geo-fence and curfew alerts
  • Monitor machine hours
  • Access engine diagnostics for real-time machine health
  • Capture time spent idling, moving, and traveling as well as delay reasons
  • Analyze reporting on performance, utilization, and productivity
  • Send and receive data files for each vehicle such as guidance lines, prescriptions, as-applied maps, boundaries, and more

Vehicle Requirements
  • Trimble® DCM-300 modem
  • Fleet Manager service
  • *Compatible Trimble display and Office Sync service if extended features are needed
*Trimble's FmX® and TMX-2050™ displays are required for extended features which include data file transfer and delay reasons

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Fleet Positions and Alerts

  • View fleet positions overlaid on background imagery with direction indicators.
  • Identify current status of vehicles such as on/off, idling, moving, delayed, speeding, and traveling.
  • Set up and monitor geo-fence and curfew alerts.

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Fleet Health

  • Monitor fuel usage, battery voltage, oil pressure, and other valuable diagnostics.
  • Examine all vehicle health parameters using an easy to read table.
  • View trends with vehicle health and performance graphed over time.


Fleet Productivity and Utilization

  • Compare the utilization of each vehicle during a 24 hour period.
  • Capture time spent idling, moving, working, and traveling as well as delay reasons.
  • Analyze the time in which vehicles in your fleet are productive versus idle.

New! Data File Transfer

  • Avoid using USB drives for data transfer.
  • Transfer guidance lines, prescription maps, client/farm/field names, boundaries, and more between the field and your Connected Farm office.
  • Share data files easily with a trusted advisor.
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Connected Farm Fleet App

  • Avoid using USB drives for data transfer.
  • Navigate to equipment from your current position using turn-by-turn directions.
  • View geo-fence and curfew alerts.

Correction Services
No matter where you're located. No matter what you farm. Trimble has a correction services solution to meet your needs.

DCM-300 modem
Hub for wireless 3G connectivity for Connected Farm™ solutions.

Office Sync
Provides wireless data transfer between the field and farm office.

Vehicle Sync
Provides wireless data transfer between vehicles operating in the same field.