WM-Topo Survey System

  • Internal radio available with either 900 MHz or 450 MHz frequency options
  • Ultra-rugged housing built to withstand harsh conditions 
  • 440 channel GPS and GLONASS receiver
  • GNSS receiver, antenna, battery, and radio in one unit
  • Bluetooth® connections enable wireless communication between GNSS receiver and Yuma® 2 or Nomad® handheld computers
  • USB host connection for memory stick
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The Trimble® WM-Topo™ survey system is a topographic data collection device that can be taken into hard-to-reach areas such as ditches, steep terrain, muddy fields, or fields with mature crop cover. Survey data can be used to create surface models-to help you make well-informed water management decisions.  Benefits include:


Highly Portable
The WM-Topo system can be taken into areas that are inaccessible to tractor or truck-mounted survey equipment due to poor field conditions or mature crops-allowing you to easily collect survey data by hand.



Fast Payback
The WM-Topo system pays for itself by enabling users to gather topographic survey data year round and in a variety of environments.



Wireless Data Transfer
Topographic data collected with the WM-Topo system can be transferred to Farm Works Surface via USB stick or wirelessly using Office Sync to create a 3D model of the field.



Integrates with Drainage and Leveling Operations
Surface models created from the collected topographic data can be used to install drain pipes with the WM-Drain™ farm drainage solution or to create a leveling design for use with the FieldLevel II™ system.

Connected Farm
Wirelessly share guidance lines and coverage maps between vehicles or transfer information from field operations to the office and back again.

Farm Works Surface software
Water management software that improves placement of field tile and levees to help increase crop yields.

WM-Drain farm drainage solution
Complete solution that streamlines the survey, analysis, design, installation and mapping steps of surface and subsurface drainage projects.

FieldLevel II system
Field-proven solution for the surveying, designing, and leveling steps required for land leveling and levee installation projects.