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Industrial Facilities

During capital projects and ongoing operations and maintenance; only three things really matter:

  • Safety
  • Schedule/Productivity
  • Cost Reduction

Trimble's 3D scanning solutions offer a range of options to satisfy your needs for Industrial Facilities projects. The Trimble FX provides rapid data capture with unparalleled accuracy and clarity.

Extract Measurements and Utilize 3D Data with CAD

Easily extracting information and deliverables from 3D data is critical for business success. Trimble 3D scanning software allows you to:

  • Quickly extract measurements from 3D data
  • Extract 3D points in industry standard formats (E57, PTX, ASCII, LAS); or
  • Seamlessly use 3D data inside leading CAD softwares

For further details on preparing 3D data and extracting measurements and 3D pints with Trimble RealWorks

For further details on using 3D data inside CAD software with Trimble LASERGen