Trimble 3D Laser Scanning

Power Process and Plant - Trimble LASERGen for SmartPlant

LASERGen for SmartPlant

Trimble LASERGen CAD plug-in to integrate LASERGen point cloud models with Intergraph SmartPlantĀ® 3D and SmartPlantĀ® Review software.

  • LASERGen supports SmartPlant 3D and Review V2010-2011. Intergraph Point Cloud Integrator module is required.
  • Dynamically view LASERGen point cloud models inside SmartPlant Review
  • Toggle the display of point cloud models during design review
  • Display LASERGen point cloud models inside SmartPlant 3D
  • Utilize SmartPlant 3D view controls and measurement commands
  • Extract pipe center lines and tie-points from point clouds for use with SmartPlant 3D pipe modeling tools
  • Integrates with SmartPlant 3D Interference Detection utility to check interferences between LASERGen point cloud and SmartPlant 3D model
  • LASERGen spatial database to effectively manage multiple 3D laser scan projects

Demonstration Videos

Seamlessly integrates with SmartPlant 3D view controls to view laser scan point clouds.

Effectively manage large laser scan projects in SmartPlant3D with easy access to high resolution data.

Extract pipe center lines from a point cloud for modeling with SmartPlant3D.

Enable laser scan data to be viewed with SmartPlant3D and PDS models during design reviews.