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Power Process and Plant - Trimble LASERGen for MicroStation

LASERGen for MicroStation

Trimble LASERGen CAD Plug-in to integrate LASERGen point cloud models with Bentley Systems MicroStation® and Intergraph PDS® software.

  • LASERGen supports MicroStation V7 - V8, and Intergraph PDS
  • Utilize MicroStation view controls and measurement commands
  • Clip volume utility to display areas of interest
  • Detect interferences between LASERGen point clouds and MicroStation and PDS models
  • Interference Browser to quickly locate and review interferences
  • Scan Browser to clearly view model from scan center locations
  • LASERGen spatial database to effectively manage multiple 3D laser scan projects

Demonstration Videos

Display laser scan data in MicroStation and define and move clip volumes to display area of interest.

Effectively manage high resolution data with the LASERGen Spatial Database.

Detect interferences between laser scan data and MicroStation CAD models, and isolate the interferences for review.

Snap to laser scan data to get measurements and adjust point size to increase resolution.